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Create your own pack for your startup with customized goodies and textiles.

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Batelier offers bespoke and customized goods to you brand image.

Batelier makes custom textiles and custom items for brands who want to offer or sell them. Batelier creates communication supports to highlight your brand identity, your association or your school with printed t-shirts, embroidered hoodies, personalized goodies or kakemonos.

Batelier also offers a wide range of advertising goodies to distribute at your events, trade fair or student party, such as personalized silkscreen t-shirts, keyrings with your logo, usb keys with your branding, high tech goodies, customized totebags, ecological promotional products or umbrellas to your image.

Goodies and promotional items

Advertising and personalized textiles are the best sellers of customizable products. Batelier offers to print or embroider your logos and texts on the front and back of the t-shirt, in the neck and on the sleeves. Promotional t-shirts are available in more than 100 colors which offers a wide choice to have a personalized product to your image. Batelier offers eco-friendly t-shirts in organic cotton, quality t-shirts with thick or fine cotton. In all range of our advertising textiles, we have attractive prices. Batelier also has a great selection of sweatshirts and hoodies, round neck sweater, zip sweatshirt, jackets and teddy.

Custom sweatshirts can be printed or embroidered, especially with Cornely embroidery, otherwise known as “broderie bouclette”, a Batelier speciality. A lot of customizations are possible on sweaters such as the inside of the hood or zip that may be a different color from the rest of the sweater. The customizable sweatshirts are made from premium quality. It’s a perfect product for all members of a team, a company or an association. It’s also an ideal corporate gift for your employees.

Goodies and promotional items

Batelier offers a wide selection of by-products, corporate gifts and promotional items. We can also offer you existing products to customize or create completely customized products (size, color, logo, shape …). Batelier has a large stocks of products available in several colors which allows us to have a very high reactivity. For example, we have stocks of tote bags in more than 50 colors and we can deliver a production of printed tote bags in 24 hours! We propose different packs, for example welcome pack for newcomers to a company, we can make personalized notebooks, ballpoint pens, tote bags, personalized mugs with the name of each member of the team or custom thermos. For promotional gifts, Batelier has a large choice of affordable products to offer in quantity, such as personalized stickers, tattoos, keychains, glasses or lighters. For business gifts, we have more prestigious items such as umbrellas printed with your brand identity, ecological usb key, personalized sports bags, solar power banks or luggage tags. For events, Batelier makes personalized bracelets, including tear-resistant bracelets, printed eco cups, silicone bracelets and many other products.