Sweats Personnalisés

Why customize a sweatshirt?

For every occasion, his sweatshirt! A must-have to communicate about your brand, company, your commitments and your corporate culture. There are many reasons to customize a sweatshirt. With its fleece and long sleeves, the promotional sweatshirt is our winter bestseller. Round neck, hooded or zipped: printed sweaters are perfect for maintaining the image of your company, brand or association. The many marking options, models, cuts and colors allow you to choose according to your personalization needs.

Startup or company? The personalized corporate sweatshirt will delight your employees! Ideal to slip into your welcome pack, the personalized sweatshirt helps strengthen your corporate culture and the cohesion of your team. It is also a powerful communication tool during your trade shows, seminars or team buildings.

Student Association? Personalized sweatshirts are must-haves for your fraternities and sororities or sporting event. For unique pieces, we offer “les originaux” to customize the color of the sleeves, hood, bust and cords. 

Brand creator? The sweatshirt is a best seller that will complement your collection of textiles. Imagine personalized sweatshirts with your brand image with the possibility of personalizing your label. Our range of organic cotton sweatshirts allows you to offer your customers eco-responsible pieces in accordance with the values of your brand.

Are you an individual? It is possible to customize sweatshirts to reflect your event (birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas).

How to customize your sweatshirt?

Customize your sweatshirt in a few clicks with Batelier! Start by choosing the model or models of sweatshirts that you want to customize. Find all our models of round neck, hooded, zipped and organic cotton sweatshirts on our site. Once the products have been added to the basket, you just need to validate your request for a quote by filling out the form located below the summary of your basket. In your quote, specify the number of logos, the desired sizes, the area to customize and the marking technique you want from: 

  • Embroidery: This technique makes it possible to obtain a relief of your logo for a personalization of excellent quality pleasant to the touch. This is the most qualitative marking. 

  • The Flocking: The flex is a vinyl material that comes in the form of a roll, with one side of color and the other sticker. Very resistant, this marking technique allows you to change text and logo from one textile to another.

  • Screen printing: Screen printing is a marking technique which consists in making the ink penetrate directly into the textile using a silk screen. With this marking technique, the workshop will create a stencil to paint the colors of your logo (up to 7 colors). Limited to bold colors, this technique does not allow color gradients. Very inexpensive, screen printing is ideal for small budgets. This technique allows you to obtain a good quality marking, pleasant to the touch and which retains its colors over time. 

  • Digital printing: This marking technique offers a very qualitative rendering and soft to the touch thanks to the transfer of your logo in the fiber. 

Due to their thickness, the sweatshirts can support all marking techniques. 

Once your quote request has been validated, our sales team will come back to you to respond to your request as soon as possible. Then, our design team creates a model with the selected textiles and the desired personalization. The last step is the validation of the model and the quote.

All our textiles are printed and embroidered in France to guarantee optimum quality and lasting marking.

Which organic cotton sweatshirt to choose ?

The sweatshirts in our Stanley Stella organic cotton range offer perfectly mastered finished and contemporary cuts. Comfortable to wear and soft to the touch, the organic cotton, recycled and certified, uses environmentally friendly dyeing techniques. Our range of premium sweatshirts offers a wide choice of colors and styles. For men, women or children, we offer sweatshirts for all body types, sizes and ages! The models that we offer you were chosen according to very strict quality criteria: composition, fiber, thickness, finish, origin, availability, printing tests, colors and sizes. Choose the model that suits you from our round neck, hooded or zipped sweatshirts. 

If you hesitate between several models, do not hesitate to ask our team directly so that we can advise you.

What is the minimum quantity to customize a sweatshirt?

Our minimum quantity is 3 pieces for sweatshirts.

Why choose Batelier to customize your sweatshirt?

Specialized in customizing textiles and goodies for startups, associations and brands, Batelier supports you in all your projects. To meet the expectations of all our customers, we offer several brands, models and colors of textiles. For creators and companies looking for responsible production, our Stanley Stella organic cotton range is PETA, GOTS, OCS Blended and Oeko-Tex certified. Our wide range of models allows us to adapt to all body shapes of women and men. With hundreds of colors and patterns, our range of textiles offers you the possibility of creating a unique t-shirt and sweatshirt. Make your choice online in a few steps. All our textiles are printed and embroidered in France in our workshops in order to guarantee you optimal and sustainable quality.

Want to offer an original gift? A trade show, team building or afterwork to organize within our company? We offer an all-in-one solution for any order made, including personalized support, worksheet before validation of the quote, production within express deadlines and free delivery. We support many startups, group, organization and brand in their projects. We have decreasing prices and advantageous costs and deadlines.