Goodies Personnalisés

Where can I find goodies?

Specialized in customizing textiles and goodies for startups, associations and brands, Batelier supports you in all your projects. Find in our website, a selection of advertising goods and customizable gadgets with your branding. To adapt us to your needs, we offer large variety of classic, original, eco and tech goodies.

To meet the expectations of all our customers, we offer several brands, models and colors of textiles. For creators and companies looking for responsible production, our Stanley Stella organic cotton range is PETA, GOTS, OCS Blended and Oeko-Tex certified. Our wide range of models allows us to adapt to all body shapes of women and men. With hundreds of colors and patterns, our range of textiles offers you the possibility of creating a unique t-shirt and sweatshirt. Make your choice online in a few steps.

Want to offer an original gift? A trade show, team building or afterwork to organize within our company? Our pack ideas section allows you to quickly choose your personalized items for your welcome pack, teambuilding, afterwork and trade shows. Also find in this section, our range of eco-friendly goodies: advertising pen, USB key, charger, mug, bluetooth speaker. We offer an all-in-one solution for any order made, including personalized support, worksheet before validation of the quote, production within express deadlines and free delivery. We support many startups, group, organization and brand in their projects. We have decreasing prices and advantageous costs and deadlines. 

A specific request? We have thousands of references of promotional items. If you do not find goodies on our site, do not hesitate to specify your request in the quote or to contact our team by phone. 

You can also discover our range of goodies by making an appointment at our showroom. From Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 6:30 pm), our team welcomes you in a space of more than 300m2 dedicated to personalization.

How to get goodies?

Customize your goodies in a few steps! To start, select your items that you want to customize on the website. Check out our available models and colors and add them to the basket. Then, you just have to validate your basket by filling the form located below your items list added.

In your quote, specify the number of logos, the desired sizes and the area to be personalized.

Once your quote request has been validated, sales team will come back to you to respond to your request as soon as possible. Then, our design team makes a worksheet with the selected goodies, the desired personalization. The last step is the validation of the model and the estimate. We offer a one-stop solution with the personalized support in your personalization project. For any validated order, delivery is free.

Why makes goodies?

The opportunities are many. Promotional items have two purposes: to appeal to your visitors and to make sure they remember your business and its business. Advertising gifts allow you to develop your brand image and retain your employees and customers. Do you want to reach as many prospects as possible at a trade show? Thank your customers for their loyalty? Offer business gifts with the image of your company and activity. Host an event or personalize a welcome pack with the image of your company? 

For your business gifts, customize umbrellas, notebooks, pencils, powerbank with your branding. Our quality marking allows to highlight the activity of your company to communicate. Whether for internal or external communication, promotional items are essential communication media for your company, organization or brand. 

Of all the media, promotional object is the one with the best return on investment. 83% of French people remember the brand on an advertising object (source: Advertising Speciality Institute). Promotional items contribute to the development of your company’s reputation and image. During your professional events, goodies dress your stand to create an atmosphere and visual harmony in the image of your company. 

Internally, goodies allow you to improve and develop your employer brand. Integrate notebooks, pens, webcam covers in your welcome pack. Offer useful and original personalized goodies to your employees.

How to choose your goodies?

To choose your goodies well, define your budget and stay consistent with your activity. Is your company specialized in digital? We offer a selection of tech and connected goodies to reach your target. For example, personalized webcam covers are original and useful goodies to offer at your shows. Choose useful and original goodies to mark your visitors, customers and employees.

To accompany your original goodies, personalize classic promotional gadgets and accessories such as USB key, organic cotton shopping bag, pens, notebooks. Batelier supports you in choosing advertising items suited to your activity. We advise you according to your goals and target. 

To choose your goodies according to the previous points, see our “goodies” and “pack ideas” section. We offer a selection of goodies to personalize with your logo depending on your event (trade fairs, afterwork, sporting events …) One or more specific requests? You can specify it in your quote request so that our team can respond to your needs as soon as possible. We have thousands of references allowing us to adapt to your needs.

Why offer goodies?

Offering personalized goodies will allow you to develop the image of your brand and retain your customers and employees. By choosing to offer a corporate gift, you are helping to develop its notoriety. 

For companies, goodies are very effective communication medium for attracting more prospects to a stand at trade shows. Personalized goodies allow you to publicize your activity. For your sales team, goodies help build customer loyalty by thanking them. The more original your goodies, the more you differentiate yourself from the competition. Internally, personalized goodies help strengthen the corporate culture and retain your employees. 

Are you a brand designer, Build customer loyalty by offering promotional items such as tote bags, key chains, stickers or kits. Personalized goodies also allow you to improve the customer experience by wrapping your products in a tote bag, a pocket or using personalized stickers with your logo.

How to request goodies?

You can request an express quote on our site. Once your request has been sent, you will receive a return from our team as soon as possible. Your personalization request is carefully studied by our sales team, who will advise you on the best choices.

You can also make a selection of textiles and goodies that you want to personalize on our site and then validate your basket by filling out our express form.