The Original custom zipped hoodie

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The "Original" zipped sweatshirt is the ideal sweatshirt to personalize for student associations. The possibility of wearing it open or closed with the zip makes it perfect for all seasons.

La quantité minimale pour pouvoir commander ce produit est de 25 pièces.

The original Batelier zipped sweatshirt is a premium model. The cotton is soft and supple, while being thick, which makes the sweatshirt very comfortable to wear. With over 150 different colors, it can be personalized in many ways. From mottled colors to light and dark colors, there is something for everyone.

Personalization : Fully customizable, you can choose different colors of fabric for the body, pockets, sleeves and inside of the hood etc. Have fun making pretty contrasts to highlight the logo to print or embroider on the sweatshirt. Logos can be added to different parts of the sweatshirt. The color of the zip can also be chosen.

Our advice : We also suggest adding personalized names, nicknames or positions of the members of the student association which can be embroidered or printed on the front, back or on the sleeves of the personalized sweatshirt.

Practical information : For this tailor-made promotional sweater, the production time is around 30 days.