Bracelet silicone

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The silicone bracelet is personalized with a logo in a hurry or printed and may be of any color.

La quantité minimale pour pouvoir commander ce produit est de 100 pièces.

Bracelet silicone is the ideal product for the student associations and the sports associations. Product easy to put on, to give and to personalize, it is perfect for all types of events students or to implement throughout the year. The bracelets can be customized in many ways ! The color can be chosen on Pantone to match exactly to yours. We can also use mixtures of colors which is ideal for the student associations have a logo with multiple colors and want these custom colors to appear on the bracelet. For the marking of the logo on the silicone bracelet you have three options : the logo can be simply printed (no constraints in the number of colors to be printed), pressed or embedded in the silicone bracelet (which gives a very nice and qualitative at the bracelet) or embedded in the silicone and then printed !